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SSC Meeting – 20/10/11

October 20, 2011


In preparation for the meeting I tried to gather some information from my fellow students. I made it aware to the friends I have met in Lectures and also to those in my Seminar groups that I am an English Course Representative. I told them that if they have any issues, they can tell me and I will be able to take these forward in the meetings, and attempt to find a solution. One of the issues which arose was regarding the Library Loyalty Card scheme, which people were dissatisfied with, as the £5 voucher can not be used to buy books.


When it was the turn of the Library Bookshop representative to talk, I felt that was the appropriate time to raise the issue. When the Chair asked if there were any matters, I said that some people were unhappy with the scheme, and felt that they could compete better with sellers like Amazon, if they were able to get discounts off books, and not just stationary or hoodies, which are less necessary.


Following the meeting, I fed the information back to my fellow students, especially to those who raised the issue to me. I told them that the representative said that it was an issue which had been raised before, which showed that they had thought of a valid matter to bring up. I also told them that I will keep them up-to-date on the development on the issue, and that I should obtain some further information in the upcoming SSC Meetings.


I used good Teamwork skills when I was gathering information from my fellow students, helping to form relationships by asking for their feelings on the course. I feel that allowing them to tell me their thoughts helped us to bond further, and it meant that they could feel comfortable in approaching me when they are having certain issues and problems. However, I feel that only collecting information by word-of-mouth was quite ineffective, as I was only able to gather a few opinions. In the future, it would be better to utilise my IT Skills, using social networking sites, where I can reach a wider audience and in order to give students a simple way to share and discuss their thoughts. This would also be a very useful tool for feeding information back to the students, when I receive feedback from the meetings, for example the developments in solving an issue.

I used Communication and Negotiation skills when I put my point forward, presenting the issues posed by the current Loyalty Card scheme, and why the students feel that this should be changed. I believe my argument was convincing, as it invoked the representative of the Bookshop to note down the issue and take further action. Nevertheless, I feel that I could have presented the point less harshly, maybe by starting off with the benefits of the scheme, rather than simply criticising it. Furthermore, I think my Communication skills were weaker than I would have liked, as I was quite nervous when talking in front of the Committee. Therefore, I need to improve my speaking skills, and this could be done by attending the Speaking with Confidence workshop. Despite this meeting taking place prior to my completion of the Skills Audit, it was very useful in showing me where my skills are lacking. Therefore, I feel that I used the Initiative by individually identifying my weak public speaking skills and choosing to attend the Speaking with Confidence workshop.


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