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Mid-term Reflection

January 17, 2012

After my first term at University, with some research into other possible career paths after graduating, I realised that there are many other options available, other than Teaching. The ones that interested me were sectors such as Advertising, Marketing and Publishing. Nevertheless, despite my career path, the skills I learn and develop in University and as part of my Leadership Award will be useful in any job.


What skills do I currently possess?

  • Leadership: I feel that in my first term, I have developed my Leadership skills successfully. I have often taken the initiative at SSC Meetings in raising issues, and also outside of these meetings where I have gathered opinions from my fellow students. I believe that a vast number of people on my course are aware that I am there to help, and that I am one of their Course Reps. This  is owed to the lecture shout-outs I have given, as well as the communication I have had via word-of-mouth and social networking websites. The Leadership workshop really helped me to develop these skills and it taught me that when there is a problem somewhere, it is important for someone to step forward and take charge, and I feel that I have done this on several occasions, such as when I volunteered to give the lecture shout-out. Nevertheless, as with everything, there is always room for improvement with this skill and I fully intend to work hard to keep improving my Leadership skills
  • Decision Making/Confidence Building: This is a skill that I have developed over the past term, specifically with the use of social networking websites. For example, on many occasions I helped to raise awareness of events at the University, such as the charity University Challenge, which I advertised on Facebook. Additionally, I have used the same website to create groups with my fellow students in my seminar groups, where we can discuss any issues which they feel are worth bringing forward to SSC Meetings. These skills are very important as a Course Rep, as I need to make myself known and to get others involved too. I would specifically be able to apply this to a job in Advertising or Marketing, where the use of Blogs and Social Networking is key in many careers nowadays.


What skills do I aim to develop? And how?

  • Delegating: This is a very important part of being a leader, and I feel that I need to improve with my delegation skills. This is something I rated as a weakness in my Skills Audit, and I feel I still need to improve it. The feedback from my first term of posts suggested that I should include more evidence of communication with students when I deal with issues. This is known as the ‘Feedback Loop’ and it is something which I could help to improve by possibly delegating responsibilities to fellow students who can talk to a wider range of students and then feed the information back to me. This is one of the most challenging parts of being a Course Rep, as it is very difficult to reach every single student and to get everybody interested in giving their opinion regarding issues. If there are any Delegation workshops, I will be sure to attend them, and I will try to put this skill into practice.


  • Oral/Written Communication: In reference to the previous skill which I aim to develop, I feel that utilising these skills could be key in helping me to improve with the former. I need to be able to communicate confidently with others, which I feel I can do pretty well, after attending the Speaking with Confidence workshop and putting this into practice at SSC Meetings and Lecture Shout-outs. However, I can always continue improving this, and try to speak to as many students as possible. I will continue to practice these skills in seminars, workshops, SSC Meetings and elsewhere where applicable.

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