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School of English – Periodic Review

February 24, 2012


At an SSC Meeting last semester, the Chair of the Committee mentioned that the Periodic Review would be taking place in 2012. We were asked by the Head of School to contact him if we would like to be part of the Review, which takes place every five years. Therefore, I immediately emailed the Head of School, highlighting my interest, and I was told that I was selected as an Undergraduate representative and I would receive more information in the new year.


The aim of the Review was to find out, from a range of different students from different years and different varieties of the English course, where the School is succeeding and where it could be improved. Therefore, it was more of a gauge of our individual opinions. Nevertheless, as a Course Representative, I had certainly taken on board the views of many students from the English department.

I felt quite nervous whilst waiting to enter the Council Chamber for the Review, and I was still rather nervous when I sat down in front of the panel. However, the undergraduates were asked the first question, which meant I could give an answer; allowing me to speak and to calm my nerves. From thereon in, I was more relaxed, and where necessary, I was able to give an answer to the panel.


I haven’t taken any further actions following the Review. I will have to wait for the Report to be issued, and see if any of my suggestions have been taken on board and may possibly be implemented by the department. The Review will probably arise in discussions at the next SSC Meeting on 15th March.


I believe that I participated well in the Periodic Review. I was chosen to take part in it as I was seen as a sensible student who understands how the SSC works, has been in contact with various students on the course and who now has the perspective of a Joint Honours student, as well as a Single Honours student.

I overcame my nervousness successfully, thinking back to the workshop I did last semester, which meant I was able to talk loudly, clearly and also with some gesticulation to put across my points even more effectively. At the end of the discussion, we were asked to add any additional points, and I ensured that that I mentioned one of the major issues I have come across as a Course Rep. It is one which I have previously mentioned in my Blog.

In the Review, we established that emails are only useful to an extent, because students receive so many that some go ignored and unread. This lead on to my point in asking if the School could in any way help the Course Reps to get other students more interested in the department and the SSC and also to help us to engage with them more successfully, in order to gather more opinions.

My fellow students seemed to agree with my point and the panel also seemed to take it on board. I will simply have to wait to see if any changes are going to be made as a result of the Review and if there are any changes, then they will be mentioned at the SSC and the students in the department will be informed.

School of English Periodic Review


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