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ED Advisory Committee – College of Arts, Humanities & Law

March 15, 2012


We were informed of this committee earlier on in the first semester, saying that it was a good meeting to attend in relation to our work as a Course Rep. Therefore, when we were told about the particular time slots available for the meeting, I checked in my diary and picked the appropriate time to attend.


The first which took place in the committee was for all of us to write down a success, a setback and a target in relation to ourselves and the SSC Meetings.

My success, as mentioned previously, was in regards to the suggestion I made about the Bibliography Tutorial in a previous module. With this, I contacted the convenor prior to the meeting, saying that I wanted to raise the issue, and then in the meeting I discussed it. As a result of this, changes were made which allowed students to see where they went wrong, in order to improve next time.

The one setback I noted down was in reference to a suggestion I made in one of the earlier SSC Meetings. After talking to lots of students from different courses, I reported to the Library representative that a lot of people felt that the Library Loyalty Scheme should allow students to spend their £5 accumulated discount on Books. The representative did look into this issue but I haven’t heard anything back as of yet. Therefore, I will bring it up at the next SSC Meeting.

Finally, my target, which was similar to many others, as well as being one of the focuses in the ‘Setbacks’ from other students, was to get people more involved. As mentioned before, this seems to be one of the most difficult challenges; to engage and interest our fellow students in making their course better.


As of yet, I have not taken any actions in relation to the  ED Advisory Committee, but I will keep trying to make myself and the other Course Reps known to our fellow students. I will also try to use different methods, such as lecture shout-outs, varying social networking websites and emails to communicate with the largest spread of students as possible.


I feel that I participated quite well in the meeting, as I was able to think of some important and relevant examples to write on the post-it notes. I probably could have spoken a little bit more, as I was rather quiet, which may have something to do with being a bit more confident with people I’m not familiar with.

Overall, the Committee was successful as it allowed us to talk cross-departmentally about our varying degrees, and without the presence of teaching staff. This meant that we could gather a wide variety of views and that we were able to speak more freely than in SSC Meetings.



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