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SSC Meeting – 15/03/12

March 15, 2012


There were not any major issues to report to the convener prior to the meeting, so I did not email any points I wanted to raise. Therefore I went to the meeting with quite an open mind, and I simply waited to see what was brought up and if any points were necessary to raise.


The first point on which I commented was when the Library representative stated that the Library had some additional funds, especially in terms of English books, if any extra primary or secondary sources were required. I then thought, as I am also representing the students on the BA Spanish & English degree, that I had a valid point to raise. Thinking back to my own experiences, I asked whether or not it is the responsibility of  the English Library Rep to ensure that the translated versions of Spanish texts are available. I was told that it is up to the Modern Languages Library Rep to do this.

Secondly, in terms of the Library Bookshop, when asked if there were any additional matters arising, I chose to use this moment to bring up a previous issue. I reminded the committee that I previously asked if the Bookshop would consider changing the Loyalty Scheme, so that students could use their £5 vouchers for discounts off of books, and not simply for use with stationary and clothing (which are somewhat less necessary).


For the first point, if in the future I am struggling to find some Spanish books in translation, or if another student tells me this, then I will have to contact the Library Rep for the Department of Modern Languages, so that additional books can be ordered (as I was also told that they have excess funds for doing such things.)

The Chair kindly said that she would forward my point to the Bookshop representative, who was not present at the meeting, in order to find out if my point has been taken forward, and if so, where it is in terms of its progress. I will therefore have to wait until the next meeting to find out about this, where the representative should also be present, so I could then ask her directly.


I feel that, even though I didn’t prepare any issues to bring up, I still made a good contribution to the Meeting. I think that I made relevant points in regards to the issues which were raised and from these I received some good answers. I spoke confidently and without too much hesitation in front of the other committee members and representatives.

Compared to my first SSC Meeting a few months ago, I was much more open and confident at this one, which shows that I have improved in regards to my speaking abilities and also with the way I think, by linking arising matters with information which has been relayed to me or experience by me, in order to gain useful answers and solutions to problems.



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