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Overall Reflection Summary

March 16, 2012

This will be my final post, in regards to the Leicester Leadership Award in which I am taking part. Therefore, I think that this would be a good time to look back to the start of my first semester at University, thinking about why I chose to take part in this Award and how it has benefited me.


Areas for Development

  • Speaking with Confidence: From reading my previous blog posts, you would have noticed a common theme since I completed my Skills Audit. This theme regards confident oral communication, which is something I identified as a weakness right from the start, as I knew that I had previously been quite nervous when talking in front of a large number of people. Therefore, despite my journey through this award, which I will explore shortly, I still feel that I need to continue using this skill in lecture shout-outs, in SSC Meetings and in Seminars.

My Learning Journey

  • I chose to take part in this Award because I believed it would help to develop me personally, in terms of my Employability Skills; making me more appealing to prospective employers. I also thought that it would be good, as it gives me something to show as proof for my hard-work and my development. I also hoped that it would help me to improve with reflection and development, teaching me to identify weaknesses and create future targets from these.
  • I feel that I have achieved everything that I hoped…and even more!! I never knew how useful this Award would be, and I feel that I would be more confident now in identifying my skills and presenting these to employers, and I even have lots of examples to support this
  • Speaking with Confidence: Since identifying this weakness, I tried to practice this skill as much as possible. I did this successfully, but a bit nervously, in a lecture shout-out, where I told all English students who their Course Reps were. I also used this skill in my degree, where I gave a presentation in front of my class. Although less daunting, I was still a bit nervous, but I presented confidently and my tutor gave me positive feedback on my skills. This is also a skill which I will implement in the next few days in my Final Presentation for the Award.

Future Employability

  • The Award has helped to shape my career plans and I would now like to work in Banking, and probably not in Teaching, as I originally thought. I have been shown a wide variety of careers and how the skills I develop are so transferable. I feel that I could use the good Communication skills I have developed while working in a bank, speaking with people on a daily basis.
  • This has given me a much better focus for the future and it will help with my personal development and my degree. I will keep Speaking with Confidence, as there is always something to improve and…I can only keep getting better.

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