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Summative Final Reflection

March 16, 2012

After networking and speaking with a worker from the banking company Santander, I realised that a career in Banking would be very suitable and enjoyable for me. It is a career I have considered previously, although I was worried that it would require a lot of knowledge of Accounting and mathematical processes. However, I found out that there are a large variety of posts open within a banking company.

What skills do I currently possess?

  • Oral/Written Communication: I feel in terms of communicating with people face-to-face, I am very effective and confident when doing this. I think that I am very good with forming relationships and bonds with strangers; helping them and myself to feel comfortable. An example of this is when I approached the worker outside a branch of Santander, and I began to ask him questions about a possible career at the company. He gave me some very useful information and he actually emailed me with some additional links to internships with the company. Furthermore, as I’m studying Spanish alongside English, I am also developing my language skills, which would be particularly useful with this company, as it has links across the world in places like México, Spain and South America.


  • Decision Making & Confidence Building: I feel that I have worked very well as a leader, not just in my role as a Course Rep, but also in the work with my degree. For example, in a group-work project for English, I acquired the leadership role within the group. When my group were a bit quiet in meetings, I made an input and I also ensured that at the end of every meeting we had targets for the following week. These deadlines have helped us to complete our project on time and to a high standard. Furthermore, I delegated roles within the group to make sure the work was divided evenly, and that each section played to each member’s respective strengths.


What skills do I aim to develop? And how?

  • Numeracy/Budgeting: Although a career in banking will not require as many numeracy skills as I expected, I will still have to be able to work with percentages and figures. Therefore, I need to ensure that I practice my numeracy skills, which I do constantly when I budget for my finances at University, with my shopping, loans and grants. This helps me to balance my incoming funds with my outgoings, ensuring that I am not losing money. These skills would certainly be useful if I was to pursue this career.


  • Oral/Written Communication: Despite improving greatly in this area and being skilled with one-to-one conversations, I still feel that I need to improve with my skills when it comes to speaking with large crowds or when doing a presentation. In my degree, I am able to practice the latter and I did a presentation recently in Spanish, which went quite well, although I was quite nervous. I also spoke out at the most recent SSC Meeting with confidence. I will need to keep practicing and improving my presentation skills, which will be particularly useful for my final presentation for the Leadership Award.

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